The Center for Sustainability and Conservation understands the importance of our natural resources.

These assets come with the responsibility to manage and protect them for current and future generations.

A good environment is good for the economy and a good economy is good for the environment. It is possible to balance both through education and preservation.


February 5, 2019

Nearly all the seagrass in Biscayne Bay is dead. County commissioners want to know why.

The past decade has not been good for Biscayne Bay: More than 25,000 acres of seagrass meadows have vanished as Miami boomed and climate change drove seas ever higher. In a report released last week, Miami-Dade County environmental regulators blamed chronic pollution for the massive die-off, brought on by dirty canals, increasing floodwater and leaky septic tanks in older neighborhoods. The once gin-clear bay — one of the few places on the planet inhabited by […]
September 20, 2018

Algae: Area continues to receive state and federal funding to deal with algae

Both state and federal funding continue to come in as local governments attempt to fight the the impact that blue-green algae and red tide are having on the ecology and economy of Southwest Florida. Governor Rick Scott announced this week that an additional $4 million in grant funding has been made available through the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for communities impacted by red tide and blue-green algae, bringing the total amount of grant funding […]
August 19, 2018

Scientists Developing New Ways to Fight ‘Red Tide’

A leading scientist says researchers in Florida are close to developing a way to control the algae known to cause deadly “red tide.” Michael Crosby heads the Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Florida, a leading research organization. A 10-month-old red tide has been killing ocean life along Florida’s southwestern coast. Huge numbers of dead fish have washed up on beaches from the city of Naples up to Tampa. Red tide can cause problems for humans […]


The great thing about the Southeast is our environment, our natural resources and the coastal area. People rely on these resources not only for recreation but also for their livelihood.

It is the mission of the CFSC to bring awareness to the important issues facing the Gulf Coast and to ensure that everything is being done to protect it.