January 14, 2017

Dozens gather in downtown to protest Mosaic

The signs read “Planet over Profits” as activists took to the streets Saturday in protest of the phosphate mining company Mosaic. Mosaic and Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection insist though, there’s no impact on drinking water. At the sinkhole site, DEP has taken 91 samples since the incident and says, “there is no evidence of off-site movement or threat to off-site groundwater supplies.” Read more here!
January 2, 2017

Judge tosses pollution notice rule put in place after Mosaic sinkhole

In a victory for business groups, an administrative law judge Friday ruled that the Florida Department of Environmental Protection overstepped its authority in proposing new requirements for notifying the public when pollution occurs. The department proposed the notification requirements after high-profile pollution incidents involving a sinkhole at a phosphate plant in Polk County and sewage discharges into Tampa Bay. Read more here!
December 3, 2016

Mosaic announces new water testing plan after sinkhole

The Mosaic Co. has announced a new, limited water well testing program in an effort to reassure Polk and Hillsborough county residents about the safety of their drinking water following a major environmental accident in September. Read more here!
November 9, 2016

Climate Change Will Cripple Coastal Septic Systems

Adapting sanitation systems to a fast-changing ecological reality is a challenge not only for big municipal institutions. According to new research, many septic systems — which are simple, backyard devices for addressing the ceaseless problem of toilet waste — are unfit for future climate conditions. Because of a higher water table linked to higher sea levels, conventional septic systems near the coast will not be as effective at removing harmful bacteria and nutrients. “We really […]
October 28, 2016

Mosaic official says Mulberry sinkhole could be much deeper than first reported

MULBERRY — The massive sinkhole that opened up last month at a Mosaic phosphate processing plant near the Hillsborough-Polk county line may be even deeper than previously thought. The sinkhole — initially reported as being 300 feet deep — may extend much farther down into the ground. “We believe it’s deeper than that,” Mosaic executive David Jellerson told reporters on Tuesday. “So the Floridan aquifer — I don’t have the exact dimensions, but just for […]
September 27, 2016

New Emergency Rule in Florida Requires Responsible Parties to Quickly Notify Public of Pollution Spills

By: The National Law Review On Sept. 26, 2016, Governor Scott ordered the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to immediately issue an emergency rule requiring immediate notification of pollution spills to the general public, FDEP, and local governments. FDEP provides a copy of the Governor’s order and related materials on its website. During an investigation of two recent pollution spills that had the potential to impact drinking water, the Governor concluded that the public should […]